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To create this article, 30 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. Categories: Audio Recording Sound Cards. Learn more Method 1. Most current operating systems and consumer-lever sound utilities prevent this. You may have some success downloading older drivers, but this could also cause problems when run with newer versions of software or operating systems.

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Other sound recorders offer the same principles and features, generally. Method 2. Select your input source. You can find this in the Device Toolbar, or in Device Preferences. Show hidden devices. Right-click inside the Recording tab and select Show disabled devices.

Right-click again and check Show Disconnected Devices. Plug in any necessary cables.

If your sound card has a physical input such as mic or line in, connect the required cable as directed in the manual. Enable your input device. Right-click the input device you want to use for recording and choose Enable. Right-click again over your chosen input device and select Set as Default Device. Right-click again over your input device, select Properties and then the Levels tab, and ensure the volume slider is turned up. Turn off all VoIP enhancements. Turn off any other sound effects as well, unless they are essential to the functionality of your sound card.

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Right-click over Microphone and choose Properties then look for an Enhancements tab where you can Disable all sound effects. On Windows 7, click the Communications tab. Under When Windows detects communications activity: , choose Do nothing. If you frequently make internet calls, right-click over the mic and choose Set as Default Communication Device.

Adjust sample rates. Right-click your input device, select Properties , then click the Advanced tab and verify that the Default format matches both the project rate bottom left of the Audacity screen , and with the number of recording channels in the Devices tab of Audacity Preferences.

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Click OK. Set your default device. In the Sound control panel, click the Playback tab, right-click over the speakers or headphones device for your sound card and set it as Default Device or Default Communication Device. Match formats. I switched to a different USB port. For some reason, after a windows update of some kind, it just stops working. It just stops putting sound from Mic to other programs. Pod Farm shows it working, but audio device manager isn't.

After reading this, I realized that it was working for a while, then I had to switch USB ports so it would reload the drivers the port needed, if that makes sense. After I unplugged from its current USB and chose a new one, it started working. Overall, Line 6 needs to get on this issue.

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It's kind of annoying and I'm not sure that the same USB port will work later on if I need to do this crap all over again. Tech support? Do you even exist? This has been a reoccurring problem for many for months. At least if this has been resolved please post a link to the page where it was resolved! I have a similar problem. My UX2 input om Windows 10 is extremely low. I just bought it and its frustrating.

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  • It there a line6 tech support here??? I just got a Ux2 and don't know much bout windows 10 and iam having same problem except terrible noise is present but no response from my mic. If you are new, give the troubleshoot a go. Most common problems are solved through this.

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    You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! To provide technical assistance to the AV Producer. Pour fournir une aide technique au producteur, pour. C'est pourquoi nous aimerions vous montrer dans ce qui. RadioMan is an on li n e audio editing s y st em with a database that permits the retrieva l o f audio f o r editing a s l ive recording is under way. If you generally record the entire sides of records at once, you can, as desired, cut the.

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    Audio: Experience with musical notation. Audacity projects may also be read and edited by Audacity on. She will train interested women volunteers not only in the basics of broadcast. Passionate about multimedia, I became interested in marketing and communication strategies. Our long standing in the audio-visual sector since means that we can. In the Audio menu, load the audio files you will need or record them.