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A party anthem that you can't get sick of, this is a track for all the high school and college parties happening out there.

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  • From "Self Care" To "Hurt Feelings": Mac Miller's Best Songs.
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Diamonds and Gold This song starts Macs obsession with girls, particularly the unnamed female in this track who seems to not want him but the riches he can provide her. Desperado This is Mac Miller at his best.

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  3. Running songs by Mac Miller (Page 1) | Workout songs and playlists -
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  5. Mac Miller's Best Songs: Celebrating the Late Rapper's Top Tracks?
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  7. He starts off his critically acclaimed mixtape with a no-hook song that showcases his lyrical talent as he raps about success, fame, his previous achievements, the future, and why he still doesn't get respect. Thoughts From A Balcony Teaming up with Sap - who produced Donald Trump - again, Mac Miller gets emotional on this song while considering age-old questions like "what is time?

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    In one of his most thoughtful songs, Mac takes his game to another level. Vitamins With a slow beat produced by ID Labs, Mac just spits about a past lover. Poetic and insightful. Fight The Feeling feat. Kendrick Lamar Mac really seems to be doing some introspective thinking on this mixtape as he puts his thoughts out on a platter for all to examine. The feature from Kendrick Lamar only helps an already stellar track.

    The Best Songs on Mac Miller's Album Swimming

    Lucky Ass Bitch feat. Juicy J Over a trap beat, Mac spits about drugs and the effects it can have on a girl, and with Juicy J helping him out, it makes for a scintillating track. Ignorant feat.

    Mac Miller Greatest Songs - Best Songs Of Mac Miller

    Cam'ron Mac seems to be recovering from a bad break-up as he spits about girls again. This time, it's about how they can take advantage of his riches and Cam'ron - whose verses are dope - agrees.

    Miller illustrated his deep existentialism on "The Question" in 2012.

    Clarity Mac seems to thank the new girl in his life as she seems to have brought some clarity to his life. America feat. Three young, phenomenal rappers on the same track, spitting about the country they live in? This is a track for the ages. Love Affair Mac Miller truly shows his listeners that he isn't a one-trick pony with this EP. Jazz-inspired and beautifully sung and written, the second track of the EP is the best, and for good reason too. Game Thinks Dr.

    Mac Miller's 10 most personal songs, from "The Star Room" to "Ladders" - INSIDER

    Dre Will Never Release "Detox". Sign in with. Thanks for sharing! Short Code.

    1. 10. "Diablo";
    2. "Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes)".
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    7. 9. "I Just Wanna" (Chief Keef feat. Mac Miller).
    8. This site uses cookies. Like Kid Cudi — another rapper whose career was shaped by his personal struggles — Miller's music eventually would shake off the sneering term, and he would earn most, but perhaps not all, of the critical respect he deserved. In a sad twist of fate, Miller is now a figure who will be mourned in the lyrics of his peers. Related: Mac Miller's family, celebrity friends mourn his 'heartbreaking' death.

      And yet, way back in , Miller and Grande were just collaborators, brought together to make a single that ranks among both their best. Mac Miller was a rapper's rapper, with voices around the industry emerging to remember his kind demeanor and his prodigious talents over the past few days.