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I ran this command and lost all my bookmarks! Other thing is to run Chrome from the Terminal. Jawa 2, 5 5 gold badges 16 16 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Naishta Naishta 3 3 bronze badges. Ajay Chebbi Ajay Chebbi 11 1 1 bronze badge. Open Terminal and use command below. PS: your password administrator privilege will be required. Brunobr Brunobr 11 2 2 bronze badges. Like this: Open a finder window or click on the Desktop. Sanjuro Sanjuro 65 4 4 bronze badges. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

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Related 2. Hot Network Questions. Hi, not sure if anyone follows this post, but chrome will not open for me. I have checked my firewall, scanned for viruses, reinstalled, checked canary which also does not work and the final methods mentioned here. What other possibilities are there? We have been having this same issue on Windows 7 Machines. Chrome would not open, but if yo ucheck the Process list, it would show two Chrome process, one larger in memory size than the other. It was a program our IT department rolled out a year before, but decided not to use it.

Is it your Mac or Chrome that is slow?

I have tried installing the old one too but it is not responding too. Easy Fix, rename chrome. Plus it is a known problem with McAfee Enterprise. Thanks a lot for your advice! I have been trying everything, nothing helped.

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Your simple advice solved the problem. It is great! What worked for me was your tip about running the malware antivirus Hitman Pro. Ir worked and identified and repaired removed the Invalid Protocol which was preventing my Re installation of Google Chrome Web Browser. Did I say Thank you…..

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I spent hours on this last evening and then researched further and read your information…tried it and it FIXED my problem. I tried pasting the new update folder into the old update folder and deleted the chrome. Dear, my chrome not open on clicking, it opens but suddenly close itself, i clear my all stuff like browsing data, cookies, bookmarks , extensions and reset my chrome and after that i completely remove my chrome from my pc and reinstalled it, but still same problem occurs… any sugesstion??? Hello,may I ask why my google chrome in computer always come out the word something wrong while displaying…..?

France says July 9 , at 7. I have deleted and reinstalled Chrome to no avail…. Worked for me. Killing all Google activity on Task Manager. I think my issue is something with my AV software though because when I restart my computer it stays on the restarting screen for minutes. Definitely something fishy there! I am able to get it to Chrome through my guest user account only. Any more ideas? Gini gan pertama chrome saya g bisa d buka trus saya hapus semuaya. I tried many ways but still no positive effect. But when I uninstalled it and installed it again, my chrome worked with no negative effect to my info like my bookmarks.

I realized that there are many solutions to a problem because there are many roots of a problem. My advise: try uninstalling your Google Chrome then install it again. This may work for some but not to all. Is there anything else I can try to fix this issue?? Sandeep, you are the ultimate chrome whisperer. I thank you a million times over for having the knowledge to save me from my browser.

I just upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and this has started this problem. All my passwords are saved on Chrome and this is ridiculous. Many many thanks Sandeep. Seemed it was really something that affected the ownership. Maybe she has some malware on it. Hi, when I go to change the user name it says my user name cannot be found. This happens to me on occasion with Win 7 and 8. The quick fix seems to be to restart the PC.

Sometimes the screen freezes or behaves abruptly forcing to restart the system. Is there a solution to this problem? This becomes even more frustrating when you try to view the online videos, the Mac system crashes. You either have to restart or completely shut down your MacBook to work again. While trying to watch YouTube or other online videos, you face issues like MacBook crashing, Safari unable to play YouTube, slow downloading, or interruption during buffering etc.

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Most of the time, it is difficult to find the actual cause of the problem. It may be possible your macOS or browser version is outdated. Or else, you are trying to play 4K high-resolution videos of the VP9 format in Safari which only supports H. Sometimes it can be just the faulty network connection that leads to online videos not playing on MacBook Pro. You can always repair and playback corrupt videos saved on Mac, SD card, or any other storage media using video repair applications like Stellar Repair for Video , but when YouTube or other websites videos do not play on MacBook Pro, it requires a completely different approach to fix the problem.

To begin with, you should be aware of the three basic requirements to play any YouTube video:. All the fixes to resolve YouTube videos playing issues are spun around the above three necessities. A slow internet connection or unstable network can prevent high-quality YouTube videos to play smoothly. To watch other smaller online video clips, make sure your internet connection is at least over Kbps. Alternatively, you can also choose to watch videos in lower quality.

To do so, follow the below steps:. Since Adobe Flash Player enables YouTube and other online videos to play, updating the player might resolve the problem.

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The steps are applicable for Mac OS X In case your YouTube videos are loading but not playing on Safari, try disabling the Plugins in your browser. For instance, if you are upgrading to High Sierra, it will require at least 2 GB memory and The Repair Disk Permissions repairs permissions by checking if the files and folders on MacBook Pro drive are correct. In case of any discrepancies, it changes permissions to the expected settings. However, it is recommended to attempt the above mentioned simple hacks too before moving to rigorous upgrading process. Who knows, your YouTube videos start playing with least efforts!

Google Chrome Won’t Open at All – How to Fix Chrome Load Error on Windows & Mac

Sumona is a technical blogger with experience in writing data recovery tips and tutorials. She is passionate about Photography and Exploring lesser-known destinations. View More. I also face the same issue. I visit your blog and gather a lot of information. Nice work on an interesting tool and a great ways to fix YouTube videos on mac.

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I recommend your software. They show very rapid forward, and no video clip play normally. I tried to install chrome also. It was totally unresponsive on chrome. Please advise. I have already tried to uninstall and re-install the flash player. But no effect. Hi Ling, Please follow the given steps: 1. Keep your system software up to date. Select Check for updates. Select Daily from the pop-up menu. Select Download updates automatically.

How to fix - Google chrome not opening/ crashing Mac OS X