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When a number or address is blocked, Messages, FaceTime calls, and even regular cellular calls won't ever show up on your iOS device. When Apple released OS X To manage the contacts you currently have blocked, launch the Messages app and go to Preferences click on Messages in the menu bar, followed by preferences. Make sure you're viewing the Accounts tab, and select the iMessage account you have added to your Mac, then click on "Blocked" to the right of the account name.

But here's where blocking on a Mac gets confusing -- the phone number or e-mail address you want to block has to be part of a contact card in order to block it on OS X. At least, that's what I have experienced. You can't.

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Before you actually get How fast is your Internet connection, really? You can find out using one of Whenever you access a region-restricted media website, it will just work. These services work so well that they feel like magic. You never have to activate anything — it all happens automatically whenever you access a blocked website. Are you a UK Netflix user, annoyed that the American selection of movies and TV shows is orders of magnitude larger than Unblock Us is a similar paid service.

Media Hint is a browser extension that works in Chrome and Firefox. That might be coming from the battle of the streaming music providers, which currently includes a number of competent competitors, each trying to find some edge against the others. Now Rdio has Read More , wherever you are.

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Like Media Hint, Hola Unblocker is free. If you just want access to the websites it supports, Tunlr will work for you. If you want a service that supports almost any possible media service you can think of, lets you access them at full speed, and works with all your devices, I can recommend UnoDNS. How do you access region-restricted videos and music online? Leave a comment and share your favorite method. Image Credit: Planet Earth at night via Shutterstock. Your email address will not be published.

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos With Ease?

Hence i find purevpn to be more safer as they don't keep logs. I use getgom. Never heard about the DNS thingy before, works like a charm. Amazon Video here I come! I just signed up for Tunlr and received a confirmation email, but no instructions for how to use their service, and frankly, it does not seem that they offer any service, other than email address collection. Quoting from their "Terms" page:. We are an online marketing company.

We collect information about you when [ The Media companies are not interested in presenting services to the masses. So they restrict until you pay for a partial freedom. See e. Longtime people had to turn to tunnels and proxy-hops to access Netflix US. Now Netflix opens a service based in Australia. Of course the market is a bit smaller and Netflix has to buy every single right for AU seperately again, so the variety of content is much smaller. The Media companies of course also don't want those deprived of content user to bypass that 'great extra income opportunity'.

So they demand from Netflix to prevent access to US services via tunnels and proxies YouTube is blocked at my campus. Can the. Can the admins at Systems Department of my campus check which sites I have visited? Thw unblocked videos opens in a new tab via a proxy site and thus the video is submitted and will start playing. I think it depends on the VPN service you are using, I agree that most of them are slow but some of them are very fast when it comes to streaming Here is the link of the VPN Provider i was talking about earlier.

This article is fine for someone wanting to watch US content when away from home. However I want to watch Australian content. What about DNS services in other countries. Not everyone comes from the US. More great options! I think you are right on target with UnoDns, and I love that it works on all devices!

Great article, and some great comments as well! It doesn't slow my internet speed as well it help's me saving my mobile bill. It saves my mobile bill because it supports data compression. There are ways to do this. VPNs are one way, as described in the article above. You might want to explore MakeUseOf for other solutions. It is all very well to write an informative item but did you use this service for a period of time?

If you saw their own pages, people were complaining about service and lack of response from them.

Open blocked sites on MacBook

I am grateful I did not give them some money. Doesn't this really suck? You have access to the world wide web for unlimited information Even youtube has "differentiated" contact for people outside the US. These practices simply promote the use of torrents and peer to peer sites.

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  • Im using Unblock-Us and it works pretty well. It even allowed me to access to Google content. Right now im using a free 7 days trial they offer, and so far so good. Insightful article. Some great advice here to help the adverage to high end user sort out whats best for them So as a green horn at this, which way to I go for free? The browser extension on Chrome browser or a VPN or what? It is also compatible with many, but not all, Chrome extensions. Chrome and Chrome Canary have become unusable with the latest update to Win 10 on my Lenovo laptop It works so much better than Chrome's extension.

    They added it in June of this year I think.

    How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos With Ease?

    Note: Chrome and Chrome Canary quit working after the latest update of Win 10 last week. Also, Opera works with many of Chrome's extensions, easy to set up and faster than Chrome was I was very interested in this article since I have been in China and will continue to be here for another 6 months. I must agree with many of the comments left here. I signed up for the Gold Package. I went through the set up with no problems. Changing the DNS did allow me to view Hulu and the speed was a little better.

    But my Searches defaulted to Hong Kong which didn't help at all. I sent a support ticket but never heard back. VPNs also assign you a non-local IP address each time you connect to make it difficult to trace your real world location. When it comes to accessing blocked websites on Mac, not all VPNs are created equal. Below are the most important features you should consider when researching a strong VPN.

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    We used the criteria above to select some of the most reliable VPN services for accessing blocked websites. Use them on your Mac, your iPhone, or any other devices you own. ExpressVPN is also incredibly easy to use, offering custom software and apps for a wide variety of platforms, including Mac OS and iPhone. Both of these help keep your data safe from prying eyes, allowing you to access blocked websites without leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind. NordVPN also has a strict zero-logging policy that covers bandwidth, traffic, time stamps, and DNS access, more than most competitors, and plenty keep all of your data secure.

    Its custom Mac and iOS software comes with an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection features, as well, and all data that leaves your computer will be secured with strong bit AES encryption. CyberGhost delivers a secure connection and fast service no matter where you live.

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    Over 1, servers are currently online, covering 60 countries with dozens of options in each region. You need speed to access blocked websites, and CyberGhost definitely delivers. On the privacy side of things, CyberGhost offers bit AES encryption, the industry standard for unbreakable data protection, combined with a thorough zero-logging policy on traffic, time stamps, and IP address. DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch ensure your identity stays hidden no matter which sites you access, as well, allowing you to surf and stream anything you like without sacrificing your privacy.

    If you need to unblock sites on your Mac and want to stay completely secure, this clever service offers an entire suite of protection features designed for ultimate online invisibility. Ever wanted built-in virus protection on your Mac? How about malware shields, app blocking, and anti-phishing DNS website filters? Just install and start surfing. Every user gets full access to over servers in different countries, each locked down with bit encryption and a zero-logging policy on all traffic.

    PureVPN also bundles DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch into every version of its software, creating an amazing foundation for online privacy on your Mac, iPhone, or other device. In most cases of blocked websites, you can regain access simply by installing a good VPN. Sometimes the filtering measures employed are more sophisticated, however, which means you could be forced to take stronger action.