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I ty for your instructions, it's workin'. Always happy to help.

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I appreciate the followup. I always hate when a thread ends and you don't know if that actually fixed the problem or not. Erockus Arcade is pretty easy to use. Doesn't have everything but fits my needs for MAME. How have I or anyone else here not heard of this Erockus Arcade. I'll be trying it out soon. Of course, I'm aware that the dev version of OpenEmu supports MAME, but it'd be nice to see something dedicated, and not in development. No clue, never heard of it either. Link for the lazy erockus.

I'm pretty pleased with Erockus Arcade. Erockus isn't perfect, but it's more how I think it should be. But damn. You all have too much time on your hands if you use QMC2. Erockus Arcade is relatively new. Ero looks easy enough, plus it doesn't take up the hundreds of MB Q does. I may try Ero. It does not support direct project creation use the GUI for that. After creating your project file you can feed it into TileCutter at the command line by running a command such as:. This will then process the project file, producing. If you wish to run the output through Makeobj, suppress. For example, the following command switches on.

This interface can be used as part of scripted pakset generation, as part of a workflow for automatically creating rendered objects e.

.PAK File Association 2

Windows Batch file, or Unix Shell Script. If you have a suggestion for an extension to the script interface please let me know.

Since version 0. The configuration file is called "tilecutter.

Simutrans Windows, Mac, Linux game

TileCutter will also read configuration from a tilecutter. For backwards compatibility only it will similarly read from a tc. The Windows version can also create a log file called TileCutter. This log file will only appear in the case of program errors. The location of the log file can be controlled by specifying the "logfile" parameter in the configuration file.

A reproduction of the TileCutter Licence, for your convenience.

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This document is covered by the same licence. All Rights Reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:.

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Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. The name of the author may not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission from the author. Products derived from this software may not be called "TileCutter" nor may "TileCutter" appear in their names without specific prior written permission from the author. Ashley Baldock.

Search this site. Hanabi MSc project. Usage: tilecutter.

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  5. Ashley Baldock, Jul 18, , AM. TileCutter TileCutter is a tool designed to allow easy creation of multi-tile or multi-view building graphics for use with Simutrans.

    Simutrans will not open on Mac OS X Mavericks

    Download The latest version of TileCutter is 0. Documentation Version 0. See the Command Line Usage section for more If TileCutter is run with the "-c" command line argument the GUI is suppressed and the files specified on the command line will be processed automatically. The available options can be found by running the command: tilecutter -h For example: Usage: tilecutter. Basic Usage This step-by-step guide will take you over the basics of project creation with TileCutter After opening TileCutter the first thing we need to do is add our source images.

    You do this either by typing the location of the image in the top bar, or by clicking the Browse button next to it. This will open a standard platform-specific file picker dialog. Quote from: Ters on October 03, , AM. Quote from: dekema2 on October 03, , AM. Quote from: Ters on October 03, , PM. Quote from: dekema2 on October 03, , PM.

    Okay for any one like me who doesn't understand how they got it to work I got it to work and I will take you step by step. The SDLs go in the Library on your finder. If you can't find your library I am about to tell you how. It looks like a gray square and next to it is simply simutrans and further down it tells you a size of 5.